Gangnam Style By Psy is Addictive!

Gangnam Style

  In Less than 3 Months, Gangnam Style Music Video have been viewed over 335,968,539 Times on YouTube. It’s unique dance style and music beats just makes anyone tap their feet. It’s simply gets to you once you see and hear it for co....

OMG Oh My God! – Film that takes on Blind Faith

Oh My God!

We are always stuck with the movies for which we have to leave our brain and common sense at home. That seems like only way to enjoy movie. Recently many films crossed 100 crore mark at the box office, but how many of them were worth it? We enjoy mov....

Arjun The warrior Prince – Opinion


High Hopes, Interesting Trailer and produced by UTV Motion Pictures along with Walt Disney Pictures. Surprisingly, this film had received positive reviews from some critics. Trailer for this movie had come out some 2-3 years back, so assuming this is....

Should We Stick with 2D Animations in India


While western audiences enjoy animated feature films and studios milk money from it – with applause from viewers, its opposite in India. Generally, few kids and adults, accompanied by insects in theaters applause (or thank god that it’s o....

Advancing to the Gaming Future


Future is now in present.  You can live your fantasy in your home by being a superhero, or a fighter, or jumping mountains with motion games.  It was all exciting seeing video games when they came in market back in 90s.  Over the time they have be....

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