Rahul Mahajan completed his Swayamwar!

Entertainment is a business. Those who produce it, invests lots of money and wants to make sure that it pays off well in return. When someone gets more success in one form of genre others follow same form, and milk it till audiences get tired of it. But yes, people do make sure to add in to the confidence of producers by making their products a hit.

There are many reality shows, but lately what’s being produced is just amazing.  To start with, I will make it clear that due to nature of reality shows which have been produced lately, I will put shows such as Kaun Banega Karodpati, 10 Ka Dum etc in category of a game show.  And shows like Dance India Dance, Indian Idol etc will be in a competition category.  Now comes a show like Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega, Big Boss, Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, MTV Rodies, Emotional Atyachar – Reality Show.

Reality is vulgar, depressing (for those who are part of it), bitter, wonderful, shameless, entertaining (!) – proven by shows.  Another two things proved here is, sensor board is sleeping and people  (mostly younger generation) are just cheering.

I got and getting many more reactions after seeing and knowing about these shows – although I am not a regular viewer, I often just get to catch a glimpse of it when I am putting my shoes on or flipping through news channels.   So, what reactions I get?

  • What the heck, am seeing those TV Bahu Beti who are covered head to toe in their own serials but here in Jungle, they doing Mungle in Bikini!
  • Did I just hear words F***, B****, As*****, Mo*********** on Sony India Channel!! (Beep doesn’t really make difference)
  • Oh He got caught, what an Idiot! but so much Emotional Atyachar on her :( !!  ( don’t worry am available ..uhhu uhhu , did I say something? :P )
  • Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamwar on TV and there are participants who actually wants to marry her?? what the f***!!
  • Rahul Mahajan… Didn’t he get caught in drugs case and married girl who he had known for 13 years and divorced her year after… his swayamwar!!
  • hmm mom, can we downgrade our cable package and cut few of these channels out to save on bill (and avoid few embarrassing moments when we having some family TV time).

Many more reactions I get, but too long to pen them down. Big news of reality show this week is Rahul Mahajan is marrying Dimpy Ganguly.  I don’t know who is dumb  here, but when I think, I remember Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber.  And all makes sense.  Now all know that marriage is a big part of life, and all parents and individuals themselves want a best person that suits their nature.  They expect and want their life partner to be of good clean character without any doubt.  Even parents will be reluctant to marry their son/daughter which person whose biography has been printed in headlines of news papers.

Still, Girls came to take part in so called Swayamwar of Rahul Mahajan and their parents allowed them.  Lately, Rahul has been coming on many laughter shows as judge and been known face on TV, and no hard feelings against him, he laughs well and behaves well on those shows as long as it’s not Big Boss where he doesn’t try to get intimate with costars.  I do not want to hate him and hope he lives up to his better image which is somewhat created lately by this little decent show cameos.    All deserves second chance and this is his.

But, I still don’t understand how those girls and their parents agreed to be a part of such show and that too for person who has history of bad character.  Girls who came to take part, they were young no doubt, but they are educated girls, knows better of good and bad.  Still they joined in this swayamwar.   NDTV is making lots of money no doubt, even my mother and sister joins in to raise TRP! But TV Channel has turned this what can be a good show in to a just too much of gloss.    All ceremonies where TV Stars come and Dance, Dulhan’s have to dance, I think it’s channels way of getting more Viewers but all that does not fit in well in concept.

Specially, getting all 3 finalists to do their premarital ceremonies and later before wedding just come to know, that they are not the one who will be marrying this guy, he picked someone else.  A heart breaker for a girl, and embarrassment for her family.  And who is to blame for it?  No one but themselves.  They knew what they being part of and still came.   I hope NDTV irons out this premarital ceremonies and just brings climax in formal way, so that families of a girl who are turned down, have some respect to go back with.

My conclusion is, it’s not a person, its a fame that draws these participants to such shows where they fighting to marry Rahul Mahajan… well he is OK when I remember that some came to marry Rakhi Sawant in previous season!! :))  On Final note, I think he should have chose Harpreet as she seemed a girl who fits well in family, where as Dimpy looked to be there for fame, and Nikunj, I guess she too wondered lately whats she there for? !! :P   As for Mr and Future Mrs Mahajan, I hope both know what they getting in to, and works out well for them.   (I wonder where all those moral police personals these days..  all rant and raves for general people only guess)   Now, guess I will have to bear seeing those usual drama serials where pain of females – never out of stock as my mother will move on to them :(

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