Rise of Animation in India but Quality is exception

Animation interests everyone regardless of age, if its been presented in well way.  With growth of technology, animation has reached to its peak.  With use of it many things becomes easy.  It can be used in regular motion picture, Avatar is example of one of them most advanced use of animation technology.  But in regular motion pictures, producers force use of animation to create various scenes such as explosion sequences such as,  It can be created using animation, it will help lower costs, same time will help keep pollution down by not really exploding anything for such scenes.

Hollywood has made full use of this technology.  Every year it puts animation movies in theater and it does excellent business.  Reason for that is simple.  Film’s Story, Characters are given life by quality of animation.  It makes one believe and take interest in its story, dept of characters.   People love that.  It’s like fairy tales coming alive on big screen and every one drowns in them, dreams and imagination becomes real.  They have succeeded in maintaining quality and improving animation with each movie they put out.  That what’s keeps people lining up for ticket at theaters.  Now, this was about Hollywood, who knows how to spend, and how to improve with each step with speed.

In early 90s,  India had its first full animation film in theater – Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama.  It was Indo-Japanese Traditional Animation feature film.  Technically, it wasn’t made by Indian Animation Studio, but it was the first film on which had story of India, and came on Big Screen.  That movie did well enough at Indian Box Office, it was enough to open a door for animated films in India, Made by Indian Studios for big screen.  However, no one crossed that door.

Over the last 8 years, many DVDs of Animated Stories from Panchatantra and Indian Folk Tales have been produced.  In India they may have not been a big hit, but overseas they sure have.  Parents overseas wants their children to learn about own culture, and this is the best way.  Quality of Animation when they had started producing it was pathetic.  But over the years, it had improved.  I can’t say that it’s good, but it’s improved good enough to say that yes, its animated story we seeing not cardboard cutouts with narration.

On other hand, for Big Screen animated film, we had to wait 10 years and it terms of animation it was not the best film.  But again it succeeded to get people’s attention in theaters – Hanuman.  It was made using simple computer 2D animation software name “Toon Boom Studio”.   I have tried that software, its good and may have it’s limitation but certainly they could have done better with Hanuman.  With success of Hanuman, guess producers thought why not we also try our hand?  After all if something works in Bollywood, all want to milk money out of it.  And seeing business of Hanuman, which was made in small budget but did well at box office, who can hold back?  So comes another animated movie – Krishna.  It was a 3D animation film.  Total Failure at Box Office.  Reason?  Simple.  Animation was pathetic.  I didn’t quite understood why would they even think about putting this what looked like incomplete, poor quality product on big screen.  Later came Bal Ganesh, which was also made in 3D, but animation was slightly better than Krishna.  But due to flash back of previous big screen failure in terms of quality, no one showed much interest and failed.

Later in 2007, came Hanuman Returns.  Which was sequel to Hanuman – easily can be said that India’s 1st Animation Hit Film.  I had expected to see improvement in quality of animation.  And It did improve!  But it still was no match for something Indian viewers have seen from Hollywood – Remember, Hollywood Animated movies have released in India regularly.  Than came movie Ghatothkach.  Killed Animation.  That’s all I can say about it.

Indian viewers may not be so used to seeing big screen animation future films produced in India, but failures of what’s been shown to them doesn’t help evolution of animation in India either.  Immature, Incomplete, Low Quality animated films affect expectations for future films.  Yashraj Films had produced movie Roadside Romeo, it was in partnership with Walt Disney.  So obviously quality which was main concern was good.  But movie failed at box office.  It was not failure of animation, but failure of story.

Indian producers doesn’t seem to take animation seriously, I think that is the only reason because there are animation studios in India who do work for overseas productions.  But it’s the producers who doesn’t feel comfortable investing much in animation so the quality that one expects, never meets that expectation.  Its more like self-destruction, but viewers are the one who feels let down.

So the day Indian Producers takes animation as a serious business, they can sure get good return from it.  Because animation is where everyone connects – If properly presented.  Next in line is Sultan The Warrior, and Arjun.  Expectations are high again!

And yes, if you are interested in learning animation, here are the software I would recommend.  It will take some trying, hard work but anyone can archive it if given good attention.

1. Toon Boom Studio

2. The Tab

3. Toonz

4. Digicel Flipbook

5. Pencil – Traditional 2d Animation

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  1. Melvin Pereira says:

    I had the chance of seeing the Arjun trailer in the theaters over a year ago. I was really looking forward to seeing it. But donno why, I have not hears about it anywhere else dude !

  2. India Mainly says:

    It will be releasing this year most likely in 2nd half of the year.

  3. Melvin Pereira says:

    Hope so, will be looking forward to that one.

  4. Melvin Pereira says:

    Hey just out of curiosity what is the theme you use for the site, I really like it, simple and elegant.

  5. India Mainly says:

    Thanks, but theme is custom designed with lot of manual coding specially for this site :)

  6. rajeev says:

    hi…i was just wondering if there are any animation studios that are working on Indian animation apart from the religious animations…?

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