Devyani Khobragade Case – India wrong or right?


This recent diplomatic issue between India and the United States has been blown out of proportion by some cheap politics to gain publicity.  For a political gain this issue was turned in to Indian Woman’s Pride, a nation’s pride.  But n....

Who’s Responsible for growing number of Rape?

Death Penalty for the Rapists

Earlier this year, I had put few statistics that From 1971 till 2006, rape cases had jumped 678%, but now including last 2 year, it would have been over 999%. Today, I can say that number has grown even bigger. I am ashamed to be a part of this soc....

Marrying girls young to prevent rape? Bullshit.

Haryana Rape cases

It has been a horror month for people in Haryana. 17 Rape cases are registered! And when I say registered, It means that those are reported and made it to the news. Few of the Victim’s families have alleged that police did not want to file a FI....

Aseem Trivedi Arrested for Sedition, Fair?

Aseem Trivedi

25 Year Old Cartoonist, who has drawn many cartoons against corruption was arrested under the charge of sedition. At first, one will always think that government is over reacting, or is just trying to put their stamp on common man’s life by usi....

Should you support Baba Ramdev’s Movement?

Baba Ramdev

Personally, I am not a fan of Baba Ramdev.  I don’t care much for his yoga, or herbal-Ayurveda medicines.  They certainly are an alternative to stay fit, and in compare to high cost medicines prescribed by the doctors.   Every since he has ....

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