Do We have a Consumer Protection at All?

This Shit is a Joke!  You will be lucky to get it as Advertised!

I am fed up with damn phone companies ripping off by giving less than half of what they advertise and charge customer for. It’s really frustrating and pathetic to face this situation everyday and see almost everyone face it often. “Natio....

What makes a Country Great?


364 Days a year, we abuse our fellow citizens, divide and discriminate in the name of locality, language, religion.  For 1 Day, we become a proud citizen.  For how long are we going to be proud of centuries old past filled with rich values and cult....

In emergency situation – Keep the Distance!


There is an emergency situation, bodies lying around, people are hurt. What’s happening around? People starts gathering around to witness all, but they do not understand that they are jamming up roads, making more traffic, blocking space for em....

We are vulnerable to Terrorism.


We are humans.  Real life situations are different that scripted movies, where major attacks are stopped before it takes place by law forces.  Indian Law Enforcement agents are no James Bond.  They are Lazy, Fat, and Old.  There is a reason that ....

Girl raped for 6 hrs in moving car


In yet another incident of rape in a moving car, three young men allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old girl for about six hours in north Delhi, after abducting her from a crowded place, recently. The victim has alleged that she was burnt with cigarette b....

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