Rape. Rape. Rape. Bravo Indians!


This shows reality of where values, respect, dignity of humans have gone. Everyday at least 2 headlines of rapes which “makes” in news and must be hundreds which are reported/unreported but not made in to headline. Here is an outline of just last 3 weeks! Continue Reading

Fast, Corruption, Government. People.


First Anna Hazare done it and Now Ramdev Baba is doing fast against corruption. Corruption is a poison that runs like a blood in heart of India, in all over India. From smallest to highest level of office, it does happen. From paying traffic police....

Why destroy property to stand for your cause?


Often when there is a strike, nationwide “Bandh”, curfew for any political, social reason or personal reason, why does the group of people taking part in it starts destroying government property?  Not just a government but also a private....

IPL Semi Finals moved to Mumbai, why!


In beginning of IPL, I had wrote about how important it is that IPL played safely in India. It reflects the image of India as a whole country, not just some part of India. Other day when 2 minor blasts happened in Bangalore just before the start of....

Poison that’s killing country from Inside


While all worries about terrorism across the border, it’s inside the border, inside the body of mainland India that’s most to worry about. India is slowly becoming unsafe country for tourists and citizens. It’s simply pathetic. Ed....

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