Rape. Rape. Rape. Bravo Indians!

This shows reality of where values, respect, dignity of humans have gone. Everyday at least 2 headlines of rapes which “makes” in news and must be hundreds which are reported/unreported but not made in to headline. Here is an outline of just last 3 weeks! And this is not all! Economy, Population Gone UP. Humanity has eloped in same speed. Pathetic.

  • Indian girl, 14, stabbed in eye when resisting attempted rape.
  • Man convicted of attempted rape.
  • Uttar Pradesh sees 5 rape cases in 48 hours.
  • Girl raped at Kalyan railway station.
  • A person was booked u/s 354, 323, 504 of IPC act for allegedly raping a woman in Dhadei village of Kullu on Monday.
  • Pune police have booked a 29 year old person for allegedly raping a woman on the pretext of marrying her.
  • Youth held for kidnap and rape of minor girl.
  • A 15-year-old was allegedly raped by another minor in Sultanpuri area.
  • Two persons, identified as Sadh Ram and Santosh Kumar, resident of Nirmand village have been booked for ‘attempt of rape’ at public place in Nirmand today.
  • A minor girl belong to the Dalit community was abducted and raped from a slum area in Sikar district of the state. Police have lodged a case but was yet to arrest the accused.
  • The Margao police on Tuesday arrested a 23-year old Raju Kattemani, a resident of Moti Dongor, Margao, on charges of raping a 14-year old girl from the same locality.
  • Police has arrested Varinder Kumar alias Shera,resident of LIG Housing Colony for allegedly abducting and raping a seven years old girl child.
  • A tantrik was arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old teen at Larankelo village of Kullu on Thursday evening.

What does it Means for India?

In the worlds largest democracy up to 50 million girls have gone “missing” over the past century because of female infanticide and foeticide. India 4th most dangerous place for women in world.

Few more years and I wonder what will females need to survive while impotent governing system of India just going to do nothing quick or make example of few so that no one dares to do such crimes.

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