We are vulnerable to Terrorism.

We are humans.  Real life situations are different that scripted movies, where major attacks are stopped before it takes place by law forces.  Indian Law Enforcement agents are no James Bond.  They are Lazy, Fat, and Old.  There is a reason that most of them holds a stick instead guns.  First, they may succeed in pulling trigger but target will be missed by miles.   Second, they will need stick to support their fat belly while they walk.   Only thing they are worth for is basically crowd management, but even that they fail to do so.  Instead of managing, they also blend in to create more mess.

First, stop pointing fingers across the borders.  It’s no point, doesn’t make sense telling what they do and do not do.  It’s not in our control and will not be due to rusty democratic corrupt system.  We can’t control others country.   But, We can control and manage own country.

If we keep the doors open to our home and go to sleep, than some thief enters in home, robs us, kills us, it’s our fault.  We should lock and secure our home first, rather than looking around, pointing fingers. It’s not anyone else’s but our own failure to protect our self.

There will be no end to terrorism. It will always be there. What we need is to make sure it doesn’t get worse and our homes doesn’t become war zone. People should be able to live free. All we can do is strengthen our border, set more security in metros, people who doesn’t fall a sleep on job specially, and be alert our self.

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