What makes a Country Great?

364 Days a year, we abuse our fellow citizens, divide and discriminate in the name of locality, language, religion.  For 1 Day, we become a proud citizen.  For how long are we going to be proud of centuries old past filled with rich values and culture?  We can’t hide our present remembering history always.  The values and culture of past is in history now, they are very much eloped in western culture in name of modernity.  While changes are necessary, but good things doesn’t need any change, but improvements are always welcome.  But, nothing such happening.

This is what’s modern India is –

  • 42% of the world’s poor live in India
  • More than a million Indians are millionaires.
  • An estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line.
  • India tops the list for black money in the world with almost US$1456 billion in Swiss banks.
  • India leads the world with the most murders (32,719) per year.
  • India has one of the world’s highest rates of abortion.
  • Divide and Rule is still the way for political parties in each state.

India is world’s largest democracy but, it is also the world’s most corrupt democracy.

As of December 2008, 120 of India’s 522 parliament members were facing ‘criminal’ charges. Many of the biggest scandals since 2010 have involved very high levels of government, including Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers, such as in the 2G spectrum scam and the Adarsh Housing Society Scam.

And At which level?  It starts from Top!

Independent reports published through 1991 to 2011 calculated the financial net worth of India’s most powerful and traditionally ruling family (the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty) to be anywhere between $9.41 billion (Rs 42,345 crore) to $18.66 billion (Rs 83,900 crore), most of it in the form of illegal monies.

Corrupt Political System, Corrupt Higher Education System, Disregard by and for Law and Order, Disregard for Environment, Growing Poverty, Growing Slums, Discrimination based on Cast and Locality (even by political parties like Shivsena, MNS!), Disregard for Fellow Citizens, Young Generation with total disregard of Traditional Values, Respect for others, While most of the good customs have disappeared, Superstitions or illogical customs are still followed in 21st Century!

Yes, there are good things, there are good people but, the negative darker side of India has grown too big and it’s just mess. I simply find is amusing that people who trash everything which India used to stand for whole year, are acting as a proud citizen on day of Independence.

If people needs a change than, “People needs to change”.  People is what makes a country great and keeps it great.  A Country is known for is customs, values, traditions – which are followed by people.  To make a country great, Its people needs to be a greater.

Stats source: Wikipedia

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