Child Labour Ban, How does it help?

According to Indian Government statistics there are 20 million child laborers across the country, however other groups says its around 50 million. The South Asian countries makes up for more child laborers in the whole world.  But due to size of population, India has higher numbers.  Now lets talk about Ban on Child Labor, according to which child under the age of 14, should not be working.  Of course there are certain conditions which allows exemption for certain kind of work, but we not here to discuss it in detail.  So keeping it simple, child under the age of 14 must not be employed.

  • What should be he doing instead?  He should be educated.  Yes, He should be, I agree, Everyone will agree.
  • So.. who is going to educate him?  Government, duh!   Same government  of India?  No comment.
  • So why would child under 14 work anyway? .. may be he needs money to eat food and save his spot to sleep on side of broken government road.
  • Can’t his parents provide that to him? ..may be they are not able to, do you think your parents will send you to work if they can provide for you?  no, because you are reading this so obviously educated, as your parents provided and sent you to school!
  • If Government can provide him education for free and ban him from working, than its good isn’t it?  hmm.. who will feed him and his family?  I have no idea..
  • How good is government school which gives free education?  hmm.. its OK kind of building with dusty classes, and teachers try best to be available.  If they teach or not its another matter that varies by place to place..
  • But government does have system and branches which are set to help such kids and their family, even orphan kids to help them make living and give free education, so what’s to cry about?

Crying because the thing is that government had child law rules specified on 26th January, 1950 in the Constitution of India already.  Revised/updated it in 1986,1987,1996.  Problem – is nothing new.

Government says all and hardly does anything or does nothing at all.

Child Labor is not the best thing, but it doesn’t saves poor kids from worst which is no place to live, no place to get food and die from hunger itself on streets like rotten bugs.  Whatever is being done, is simply not enough or I say, whatever is written on piece of papers is not being applied well.  Only ones losing here are kids – still are losing – may be more in some parts than before, and may be less in others.  But losing.

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