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Woman cuts off Husband’s Tongue

A woman allegedly slashed his husband’s tongue with the help of paramour and another man after he reportedly found her in an objectionable position with them at his house in […]

MSG The Warrior “Lion Heart” – Sunny Deol would say Enough!

I hope not to offend any follower of Shri Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji.  This has nothing to do with his spiritual organization.  This is only about his films.  I […]

India provides security to the Kashmir Separatists. WTH!

Yes, that is right!  Indian government provides housing, free medical services, airport privileges, and high security to the Kashmir Separatists – Meaning those who doesn’t consider themselves ‘Indian’.  They are […]

Mama’s Boys – Pandavas, Draupadi & Kunti in 21st Century

Ever wondered if Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunti were to be in the 21st century?  Well, you can see a hilarious short film on it now.  Directed by Akshat Verma and you […]

Cows are Holy but I want them off the Roads!

Yes, Cows are sacred.  Yes, ‘Gaurakshaks’ may be offended if someone tries doing the right thing or even if some vehicle by accident kills a cow on road.  But, What […]

Sandeep Kumar’s Sex act was Consensual – Ashutosh, AAP

Aam Aadmi Party is headed by a lunatic and being defended by an idiot it seems.  Arvind Kejriwal earlier had removed Sandeep Kumar, Minister of Woman and Child Welfare Department. […]

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