Do not Encourage Beggary By Giving Ineffectively

Do not Encourage Baggary

No one wants to beg by choice. But, when unintended way is well paid, than it does become a choice. Choice for those who are physically fit but simply lazy. For others, it’s the circumstances which draws them to the beggary. But, who gives them....

Interesting Arrange Marriage Conversation

Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage? Majority of Today’s Young Generation will pick Love, but Arrange Marriages still score well! Here is a Documentary which is very interesting and Funny talk between 2 people who is on conversation for a future ....

Is Religion bigger than Humanity?


Whether it’s a Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or every other religion on earth, none of them motivates their followers for violence.  No Religion itself Represents Violence and instead it condemns it.   However, those who follow, How can they....

iPhone 5 Arrived, but can Apple dominate India?


Apple announced new iPhone 5 – Thinnest, Lightest iPhone Ever Features All-New Aluminum Design, Stunning 4-Inch Retina Display, A6 Chip & Ultrafast Wireless.  Display on iPhones have been always the best among all competitors.  Camera qua....

Aseem Trivedi Arrested for Sedition, Fair?

Aseem Trivedi

25 Year Old Cartoonist, who has drawn many cartoons against corruption was arrested under the charge of sedition. At first, one will always think that government is over reacting, or is just trying to put their stamp on common man’s life by usi....

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