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India’s Only Self-Certified Honest – Mr. Kejriwal

India's Only Non Corrupt and Honest Person - Ceritified

This joker is cracking jokes everyday, but now it’s getting hard to tolerate. After producing list of corrupt, now he puts in Soniya Gandhi and Narendra Modi on list. Everyone can point fingers. However, he has never ‘proved’ any....

Smriti Irani ran over Rahul Kanval in Sidhi Baat

Smriti Irani

Too much of Media gaga is going on over who will be BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate, and creating controversies for their TRP, for which who is better candidate than Narendra Modi. Media has a habit of pulling issue of 2002, for their own TRP a....

Rs 50 crore girlfriend? Like it or Not, its a Fact!

Narendra Modi vs Shashi Tharoor

Another Controversy in creation by Media. Often, They put their inputs and make anything a news, but sometimes, Media seems to be reluctant to confirm facts. Reason is simple that they can’t really take risks of making few in government angry. ....

Aseem Trivedi Arrested for Sedition, Fair?

Aseem Trivedi

25 Year Old Cartoonist, who has drawn many cartoons against corruption was arrested under the charge of sedition. At first, one will always think that government is over reacting, or is just trying to put their stamp on common man’s life by usi....

Should you support Baba Ramdev’s Movement?

Baba Ramdev

Personally, I am not a fan of Baba Ramdev.  I don’t care much for his yoga, or herbal-Ayurveda medicines.  They certainly are an alternative to stay fit, and in compare to high cost medicines prescribed by the doctors.   Every since he has ....

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