India’s Only Self-Certified Honest – Mr. Kejriwal

India's Only Non Corrupt and Honest Person - Ceritified

This joker is cracking jokes everyday, but now it’s getting hard to tolerate. After producing list of corrupt, now he puts in Soniya Gandhi and Narendra Modi on list. Everyone can point fingers. However, he has never ‘proved’ any....

Why you shouldn’t vote for AAP.


Aam Aadmi Party gave people an option to select something new. It gave hope to the people who were fed up from corruption. However, let’s get real, running a government is no easy task. It’s not easy enough that someone who is working i....

AAP – Congress Coalition Not in the Best Interest


Aam Aadmi Party has successfully formed government in Delhi.  It had promised lot and kept it’s promise of providing Free Water and Cheap Electricity.  So, what’s bad in it?  Isn’t it good?  No.  In long term, it will not help.....

L. K. Advani what have you done?! and What for?!

L K Advani

Nothing is well in BJP. We have been hearing lot of it lately, and BJP has always played it down, saying party is United. While people are looking for alternative to the Congress, They are expecting a party with an authoritative leadership. It....

Smriti Irani ran over Rahul Kanval in Sidhi Baat

Smriti Irani

Too much of Media gaga is going on over who will be BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate, and creating controversies for their TRP, for which who is better candidate than Narendra Modi. Media has a habit of pulling issue of 2002, for their own TRP a....

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