Government is Afraid of Social Media!

Government is in talks with social media executives about per-screening of contents being posted on sites such as Facebook, Google.  What does this mean to you? It means you have to be careful of what you write against any politician!  Your Freedom of Speech, Opinion and Expression is something Government wants to control because they feel hurt (Defamatory) reading it.

In Simple words you can not criticize politicians for anything because they would be offended or simply you can not say that our politicians are pimps who sell out people’s need for their black income.  Oops! Did I just say Pimps.  Sorry?..

If government feels this is not right, and they have right to feel offended and register a case of defamation all that crap.  Than they should sit home and feed their Buffalo instead joining politics.  If they want to be respected than they must do their job for which people voted for them.

Respect can be earned by their work.  Not by Force.  It’s democracy and all have right to criticize, complain, make fun, insult dirty freaks etc etc.  But in reality they know what they are.  They are bunch of greedy, lazy and corrupt individuals who are too old to clean their own bottoms.

They are simply afraid of social media’s networking power due to which in a matter of seconds, millions can know who did what and their dirty black secrets can be known to all.  They are afraid of losing their love chairs in government offices.  That’s why they want to per-screen all the content being posted on social media, so that no one knows their dirty work.

But again, if they feel their emotions have been violated and want to register a case of defamation and insult, can people also sue politicians because they hurt every single person by being corrupt?  Oh! They can get away slapping a common person in front of police force, and they want to cry over written words.  Sissy.

Good luck!

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  1. Kala Bandar says:

    Better Telecom Minister make sure that people gets what they pay for from telecom companies!

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