The Modern Toilet Restaurant, Dine in!

The Modern Toilet

What can a creative interior designer create for a restaurant?  Or may be it was the Owner’s Idea but how would you feel about shitting, Duh! Sorry, I meant ‘eating’ from the Toilet?  Yeah.. The Modern Toilet restaurant in....

Tata DOCOMO Rs. 250 Unlimited 3G Data? No.


If you got excited after watching TV Commercial of Tata DOCOMO offering ‘Unlimited 3G Data’ at Rs. 250, than don’t be.  This is a false advertisement, even though cost includes Full Talk time of 250 minutes, it only gives 1GB at 3G....

Man chops off his private part.. Ouch!!


When we even think about it, it feels ouch! Even if we see a cricketer getting hit with ball between legs, our inner voice screams ouch! Noted once teenager done it. Now, what in the world could have led this gentleman to chop off his own private par....

What makes a Country Great?


364 Days a year, we abuse our fellow citizens, divide and discriminate in the name of locality, language, religion.  For 1 Day, we become a proud citizen.  For how long are we going to be proud of centuries old past filled with rich values and cult....

Idiots sue restaurant for serving Non Veg Samosa


Back in 2009, group of 16 idiots went to Moghul Express restaurant in New Jersey and ordered vegetable samosas. After confirming order of veterinarian samosa, staff made a mistake of mixing up order and served them non veg samosa. Last year, the grou....

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