Inshallah Kashmir Living Terror Documentary Film

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This is a compilation of live interviews. The statements of the interviewee are completely their own. The explicit nature of the content may affect the viewer’s sensibility and therefore viewer discretion is advised. Please proceed to click only if you wish to watch the contents. The viewer shall be fully responsible for the access to and viewing this content.

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  1. Ayush says:

    Point here made is that Indian Army has violated many human rights. And same time, all who are interviewed were militants, which seemed to turned up decent after receiving terrible 3rd degree torture by Indian Army too. Militants said that they had no choice but to pick up guns, in that sense same can be said that to save hundreds, military has no choice but to go way around too? Both are guilty in their own way. It’s still not right to make people live in fear. Outsiders from other state, should be allowed to enter in state, start tourism, let communication develop in a way that will create community relations, let people mix and blend in with others which will normalize their life. If they are locked in state, treated like outsiders, that will not do much to solve problem, only will carry on for years as it has been.

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