I hope not to offend any follower of Shri Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji.  This has nothing to do with his spiritual organization.  This is only about his films.  I had seen the promo of his 1st Film and even before that I had seen his interviews on various TV Channels for promotions of it.  I felt he is a very cool guru and he is! He sings in English, his dress sense is cool and to be honest, he is a very frank person.  No complaints about all that.

But.. why? why? one wasn’t enough?  MSG promo was colorful, but after pulling my hairs throughout the movie, seeing powerful dialogs, seeing Guru Ji jump with the bike from earth to sky and jump back thousands of feet down on earth with ease, I don’t think I had a courage left to see another one of such film!  I mean how the heck!  At least stunts should have been filmed properly.  When a normal person jumps, he will… well jump but when Guru Ji jumps, he goes 90 degrees up, thousand feet straight up but from the certain point, he ends up horizontally ahead.  It was more like a fighter jet taking off straight up from the aircraft carrier and flying away.

And, now he is fighting an alien.  The Film where he has attended 30 duties including as usual producing, writing, singing, acting, directing…  anything you name it!  But, seeing the action again in its trailer, I don’t think I have the courage to see the film.  If Sunny Deol happens to see this, I am sure even he will feel embarrassed, and will admit that it’s just too much!  I am sure some will enjoy it (don’t know how many) but I wish Shri Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji will take movie making more seriously.  He does have the potential!  And on the very positive note, after seeing a trailer, I think he has waxed his arms at least this time.