Privacy is the Fundamental Right – Yes and No!

Supreme Court today delivered a verdict that the privacy of a citizen is the fundamental right.  This is the obvious common sense.  However, the court did not decide on Aadhar […]

Demonetisation call is Excellent. Don’t Complain.

Every news channel seems to be concentrating on relating currency demonetisation with long queues outside banks or ATMs or with Black Money Issue alone.  They seem to forget the most important […]

India provides security to the Kashmir Separatists. WTH!

Yes, that is right!  Indian government provides housing, free medical services, airport privileges, and high security to the Kashmir Separatists – Meaning those who doesn’t consider themselves ‘Indian’.  They are […]

Odd / Even Formula in Delhi is a Temporary Solution

Yes, Pollution has been growing.  And, we all know the status of pollution in Delhi.  AAP government has taken steps it can, to quickly try to control the level of […]

Those who sympathized with Yakub should be Ashamed

It seems certain people and groups have lost their mind.  Never before people have tried so much to save or fight for an innocent person, like they did for Yakub […]

Mardaani takes on the real issue of child trafficking

  A World where some we can’t see, some we choose not to see and some where we see but choose to ignore.  We in India, feel proud of our […]