Every news channel seems to be concentrating on relating currency demonetisation with long queues outside banks or ATMs or with Black Money Issue alone.  They seem to forget the most important point was also about the flow of fake currency from the neighboring country which is used to influence terror-related activities, lately mainly in Jammu and Kashmir.

People, the majority are supporting this action by Narendra Modi.  There are some who are complaining as it’s becoming a hassle to get money out of ATM and Banks because of long queues.  Those who are complaining are saying there are no rich people in lines, we do not have black money, you don’t see any politician standing in queues, we have important work which is on hold as we don’t have enough money.

These bunch of fools needs to understand that you have a right to question one person every time you face hassle or see corruption etc.  But you do not have the balls to support him and play your part.  Can one person do everything on own?  Can he go to each citizen’s home and do your dirty laundry for you?  Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister has taken a good positive step.  Yes, it’s a hassle for a short time that common man will have to bear so that your future generation can have a better life in a better political and law and order system.

A lot of you don’t mind standing in line when someone is giving something for free or for movie tickets or opening of new restaurants or for new phones.  Suddenly, you have a problem standing in line at banks because you feel it’s not your fault?  People, every step of the life, we are directly or indirectly involved in this mass corruption.  So support your government at least when steps taken is good even if it could have been better managed but at least it’s taken!

As far as the opposition goes, they will not support it.  They want to keep their position in the election.  They want to keep their stack of money which they have piled up from corruption.  They can’t let the government have the full advantage and credit for their work without finding points to criticize.

I do agree that Rs. 2000 bill should not have been issued and only till Rs. 500 bill, currency should have been capped.  But something is better than nothing.  It will be a short time trouble to avoid long time struggle.  Support your government.