Privacy is the Fundamental Right – Yes and No!

Supreme Court today delivered a verdict that the privacy of a citizen is the fundamental right.  This is the obvious common sense.  However, the court did not decide on Aadhar Card Scheme.  My view is that every citizen has a right to protect his privacy.  But what about the national security and accountability?  Aadhar Card, Voting Cards, Driving Licenses is what keeps the identity and accountability of an Individual Citizen.

Countries like the USA have State Identification Cards and Social Security Cards based on which their citizens are identified and allotted government benefits including tax returns.  This is also the fundamental part of the government system.  Everything is linked and accessed by concerning departments to track person’s financial irregularities, criminal history.  It is accessed by employers and banks too.  I see nothing wrong with it.

Aadhar Card scheme is not the bullet proof.  So, it does require linking of Pan Card with Aadhar Card, which is moving in the right direction to establish a system where the government can identify and allot benefits to deserving and same time keep a track of any irregularities.  Yes, there are certain concerns about how safe and secure our data is – That should be the only concern one should have.  But, these days Google, Facebook and Mobile Apps have more data about our daily routine than the government has.

So, as far as right to the privacy is concerned, it should be about keeping our data safe.  But the same time, it should also be used for the purpose of national security to detect and identify criminals, financial irregularities and provide the benefits of the government schemes to the correct individuals for which they are entitled to.

  1. The problem in our country is that everything tends to get misused. When criminals are ruling, nothing is foolproof. That’s why citizens are jittery about things like aadhar card.

  2. India Mainly

    August 24, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    @matheikal: Yes that should be the only concern – security of database and restriction of access per department. Otherwise, if properly implemented and used, this database will only do good in future. It will make things fall in order.

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