It seems certain people and groups have lost their mind.  Never before people have tried so much to save or fight for an innocent person, like they did for Yakub Memon.  Yakub Memon who was proven guilty of being part of bombings.  Who has been in jail for years, who was given a death penalty.  Why would you want to take his side?  13 Serial Bomb Blast, over 350 Deaths and 1200 Injuries in 1993 – Yakub Memon was part of this criminal conspiracy.

Even Media as always putting petrol in fire with their debates if he should be hanged or not.  They were showing pictures of him, his family through out last few days non stop!!  Why were you not showing images of Bombings and casualties to refresh people’s memory?  Why all the drama about the aftermath of his hanging such as possibility of riots or law and order issues?  It seemed that media was trying to make mountain of out of mole.

Justice system of India is pathetic no doubt.  He should have been hanged soon after his earlier mercy plea was denied.  I don’t understand the reason for keeping convicts who are handed death penalty alive for years.  Any punishment should be applied at the earliest because later even sympathizer seems to forget why he or she is being hanged and starts to find reason to keep him alive!

He was a terrorist, involved in the bombings, was proven guilty and was given death penalty.  Today he was given death.  Justice served, too late but better than never.  Hopefully, others will be caught soon, and those who lost their loved ones, will get full justice.  Hopefully, without all this mercy drama.