This is why smart city idea may fail

While we try to think about progress by upgrading infrastructure, public facilities and planning smart city projects – How can we upgrade people’s manners?  That’s one thing we can’t expect […]

The Best Voice and Data Plan is from Jio, Still.

After the launch of Jio, every single company has lowered their rates and offered more voice minutes and data to their customs.  Before Jio came in the market, consumer had […]

Cows are Holy but I want them off the Roads!

Yes, Cows are sacred.  Yes, ‘Gaurakshaks’ may be offended if someone tries doing the right thing or even if some vehicle by accident kills a cow on road.  But, What […]

Uttar Pradesh Government – wake up and clean up!

Uttar Pradesh has the 7th Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal. Millions of tourists from India and all around the world pays a visit to this monument. Along with […]

Odd / Even Formula in Delhi is a Temporary Solution

Yes, Pollution has been growing.  And, we all know the status of pollution in Delhi.  AAP government has taken steps it can, to quickly try to control the level of […]

What’s Wrong in PK? Whose Sentiments are hurt?

PK is a simple film in a way.  It is not new.  It follows similar concept that was followed in Oh My God.  Believe in God, not superstitions or those […]