After the launch of Jio, every single company has lowered their rates and offered more voice minutes and data to their customs.  Before Jio came in the market, consumer had to charge different packages for voice and data plan.  Average Rs. 145 / Rs. 149 per 1GB of 3G/4G Data only.  It can be said that consumers were looted.

Why?  Well, you must have seen Airtel’s recent advertise about roll over of unused data.  Every single service provider has been guilty of eating up unused data, not offering customer who paid per GB any benefit including Airtel.  But, now they have no choice left to compete.  After looting customers all these years by overcharging and providing low level service not limited to dropped voice calls but also throttling of and weaker data speeds than advertised, Jio has given a chance to consumers to give the favor back to the service providing companies by ditching them.

So, now Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Idea – all are trying to keep their share of market by offering competitive plans to consumers.  All are nearly matching Reliace Jio’s data plan for the near similar cost but still fall behind because Reliance Jio offers unlimited calling to “Any” network.  Everyone else just offering unlimited calling within their own network for the same price.

Well!  Reliance Jio is the Winner presently.  It’s Rs. 399 for 84 Day Plan is perfect for almost everyone. Reliance Jio has been constantly fixing call drops and extending coverage area.  It’s improving and I won’t mind using that as my primary SIM now.  Yes, there may be some areas where you may not get a Jio signal, and may get Airtel or Vodafone or Idea signals.  But it’s normal for each operator.  Someone may cover somewhere, where other may not have a signal.  We hope that market stays competitive which in return gives consumers good options and better services.