Cows are Holy but I want them off the Roads!

Yes, Cows are sacred.  Yes, ‘Gaurakshaks’ may be offended if someone tries doing the right thing or even if some vehicle by accident kills a cow on road.  But, What about the human safety on roads?  Everywhere cows are roaming freely in open.  They are pet cows which are set free in day time by their owners.

But, they should not be roaming or sitting on roads, specially on highways for which we also pay toll!  Generally, the City Municipal Corporations do not allow it, they do come time to time and picks up such cows from the city roads and levies fine on their owners when they come to pick them up.  That is how it suppose to happen but actually it doesn’t.  Owners of such cows are notified by their ‘paid friends’ just before Municipal Corporation trucks comes to pick their cows up.  Obviously ‘paid friend’ is someone working for corporation or accompanying in raid.  After that, the owners of cows come running and gets their cows back to their places before corporation picks them up.  And, all them corporation trucks do is put a road show and go back.  For the daily commuters, it’s a really annoying. It puts risk of accident.


However, traffic still moves slow on city roads in compare to highways.  And, cows eating grass on lane divider puts a huge risk of big accidents there.  Seriously someone can die if suddenly cow decides to jump off that divider or starts moving on road.  In Rajasthan, almost every highway has a sign meant to be aware of cows on roads.  But, should they be allowed on toll roads at all?  Isn’t it risky for everyone?  Why can’t the government put the fence on sides or make a way for them to cross the road at certain points?  Or punish their owners who actually let them roam on highway without worrying about the vehicles coming on way?

If someone accidentally hits a cow, than their owners will be all over the vehicle owner demanding compensation for it.  But, what if person loses a life?  No one takes a responsibility.  It is a shame that authorities are not taking this seriously.

  1. Cows are gods present everywhere????

  2. India Mainly

    September 3, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    :D that present can take us to god himself if drops by to visit suddenly on the highway while we are cruising at a good speed!

  3. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    September 3, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    You speak my mind here…

  4. Three Persons had died in last 3 days in Gujarat because of stray cows on the road. One person on bike died because cow suddenly turned her head and her horn got into his chest. This is ridiculous.

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