Education Format in India – Need a change?

Do you know what’s the difference between student in USA and student in India?  When student goes to school in USA, they carry a book in general and when student goes to school in India, they carry a bag.  General Indian School Student carries approximately total of 16 books/notebooks for 8 classes he/she may be attending in a day.  Whereas in USA, student attends total of 4 classes in a day, and generally carries only a notebook, books can be picked up from class itself before it starts.

But what I want to say is not about load of weight on student’s back but load of weight on student’s head.  This load needs to be shrunk in my view.  When Indian student goes abroad for study, he will find it much easier to carry on because whatever he may be taught in colleges, he would have learned it in high school in India.  There are benefits no doubt.  But Is it really a necessary to teach every single form of science and math in detail?  Majority of students are crushed under weight of these kind of teachings, few manage it good.  However, Don’t you think that after lets say 8th grade allow student to chose subjects he wishes to study, subjects that are related to his interest for future career.  This will trim down other unnecessary subjects which most of the students do not need to learn in its complete depth, and allow student more time to concentrate on what really they want and with less pressure.

Till 8th standard, student can learn all basics and in few in depth of subjects such as Language, Math, History and Science.  From 9th grade, allow student to chose what he want to learn.  For instance if he is interested in Algebra, he does not need to learn in depth about Calculus.  Students should be taught about their careers in 7th and 8th grade.  From 9th they can follow path by picking their subjects and cut down all other extra load.

I think math and science we have been taught in schools, average person after school uses only 20%  of  it to make living.  If that person had chance to just learn all he wanted after gaining basic and some advance knowledge of general importance, than he would have done better in life.  What do you say?

  1. at such an early age students are lest interested in contemplating over their lives. now how on earth will they be capable enough to distinguish between what they find attractive and what subject are they really made for. Now, the Indian education is imperfect I agree, but take a look at this… by the time we reached the 10th grade..we could decide for ourselves regarding what interested us. Foe example…I abhorred math to such an extent that I felt sick..literally sick when it was time t study stupid(then) algebra n stuff in 8th class. in 10th i secured a bloody 98 on 100. has been my fav sub since then. i hope u got my point. least* for*

  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. I had kept this post short, didn’t wanted to make it too long as some may feel bored so did not elaborate well in detail. I would do that now hoping it may help understanding my view better. First of all as you said student wouldn’t know what to decide at that age. I would completely disagree. I met students from around the world, and have seen how overseas education system works. Indian students are more advanced, reason written in next paragraph. First, as I said Indian students much advanced – much mature BUT more confused when comes to planning and picking a career or their interest of line in compare to overseas students – at least from what I have seen. Mostly because family always after students to do this and that and student himself gets tensed in it so finds it difficult. With that I will say Indian students are more sensible when it comes to study. And reason for it is advanced knowledge they getting in Indian education system – current system, It helps in a way. Because what we study on subject – Math – in one book – covers all parts of Algebra, Calculus, Equations, and Geometry etc. Whereas overseas, Math is own subject, Algebra is its own subject, Calculus is its own subject, Equations is its own subject and Geometry also its own subject. So it makes thing easy as we have knowledge of what we going to get. “But” it’s only overseas, and it doesn’t mean student is better, it means he is just taught it before others more harder way. I want this way to become simpler and very much similar by dividing them in subjects of each. Instead being part of same book and go advanced each year. Now as pointed that students will not know what to do at that age. This is where education system will have to be modified. Until 8th grade give students all basic and some topics more detailed knowledge of subjects. In 7th and 8th grade, make a subject which gives “Basic” overview of society’s professions. Schools can arrange science fair right? How about a career fair, where students can bring their parents and discuss what he does, and students can do projects just the way they do any other project, but make it more fun and interesting. This is how students can get knowledge of career – simpler and basic. Now I am not asking students to pick career from 9th grade. I am asking for change in current format making it simpler. How? As I said by dividing each part of math for example in subject, same way part of Science in to Chemistry book, Physics book etc. This way student does not have to carry all mixture at once. It will make easier for student to concentrate on subject without making it more confusing. Now, each of this subject books needs to be shrunk in terms of dept. As I said most of what we learn is so advanced and in dept that we do not even use it in our real life! So much of time is wasted after such details and so many students feel it too hard and depressed, which is just unnecessary. So, turn these parts in subjects, than each of their book, make it simpler and cut down on dept – vary by subject, than put few parts of math in front of student in 9th grade. Allow him to pick subject he wants to learn, parents can give tips – please do not force him in whom he doesn’t feel interested. Example – 5/6 Subject of Math, from 9th to 12 grade its 4 Year. So student will be picking one by one each, with one or two optional that he doesn’t need to study. End of 4 year student must have 4 subject of math in his study/credit. This way, he does not have to carry stress and tension of all at once. He can concentrate and manage his load this way better. It will make it simpler – not different. What all he studies in years as part of one book as a chapters, he can study part of book in 1 year each. Less depression for student, and few subjects can go in options, so if he does not feel need of them, he will be free of it, and find more time to do better in other subjects. It will ease head and depression. In simple word, I am not against current system. It doesn’t need total scrapping. I am not suggesting forcing student into picking a career from 9th grade or 10th grade. Current education system just needs change to make it simpler by better partition of subjects along with cutting down on unnecessary dept of each. I hope this makes better sense now :) and congratulations you got 98/100, and I am sure you would have got 99 or 100 if you had been giving chance to study like this too.

  3. Please note that this is just rough opinion. This idea will need lot of modification in current system. I just want it to be simpler for students with less stress by cutting on too much depth of subjects.

  4. Sreedhar Jeshurun

    March 31, 2010 at 3:14 am

    Dear Indian Mainly! I really liked the post about Indian education. I am one of the person greatly thinking on this contemporary issues. I stay in Hyderabad and while travel in the bus I see little children suffering a lot carrying loads of books than their physical weight. I am burdened about this issue. I feel that our education department has to do something in this regard otherwise our children would be tortured of carrying heavy loads. Children are even facing lot of difficulty in the buses during the peak hours. Lets raise our voice to bring the reformation in the Indian education system.

  5. Thank you for your comment. It’s just not about weight of books, but also mental stress of too much unnecessary teachings in dept which leads to mental depression for many students.

  6. I have highlighted some major issues with education system in india. Please have a look in the below blog.

  7. I personally feel being an indian mother that this format is not acceptable ofr kids accoeding to thr age we are just pushing them nothing we are gaining out of it i hate this format whr no extra curicular eductaion is thr for kids bcoz they hav no time for this

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