Is Religion bigger than Humanity?

Whether it’s a Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or every other religion on earth, none of them motivates their followers for violence.  No Religion itself Represents Violence and instead it condemns it.   However, those who follow, How can they abandon the fundamental belief of their religion?  How can they go against for what they believe in?  Why do the followers of Religions which stands for Peace, becomes violent for same Religion?

People who in the name of religion becomes violent and puts their extreme beliefs before Humanity – are not true followers of religion.  People die for what they believe in to make others believe in it, but they can not kill others.  Religion is pure and divine, It stands for peace. It’s against religion to use violence.  It’s against Humanity.

We are people for different background, different culture and values, and our belief and what we believe in is different.  Our Religions have different name, different ways of representing it, but all religion stands for same moral – Peace and Prosperity of Humanity.  Religion teaches us to respect others views, respect others different belief even if it’s opposite from ours.  All of our Religions puts value of Humanity before anything.

Today, People are getting killed because their belief is different.  People become violent if someone disagrees with their views or if someone portrays it differently.  Yes, sometimes limits are crossed, people should feel offended.  However, Religions which stands for peace, doesn’t need a method of force and violence to defend it.  There are people who doesn’t believe in any religion, even they would believe in humanity.  Than, how can people who believe in god, disregards humanity, that too in the name of God!

This is 21st Century. People are more educated and have ability to see things, understand things better before accepting judgement of others.  Few elements in society, who use religion as a tool to reach their motives, creates inhuman nature in society.  It is best for human world, if people see each other as person, and not divide them in groups by caste and religion.  Views of one person doesn’t represent view of all those who follow same religion or are of same cast. Live and Let live whether you are a follower or non follower.  Indirectly, or Directly, we depend on each other at some way, somehow.

  1. “Religions which stands for peace, doesn’t need a method of force and violence to defend it. ” – Rightly Said.

  2. That’s the thiiknng of a creative mind

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