Protection for Dogs!

Ever wondered what all there is being sold in market for who all?  Anything is possible so far!  If humans can use protection while having sex, why not dogs?  So enters Doggy Condom.    And seems this no joke, as official site where I am showing few of the questions and introduction posted will be just hilarious how dumb some people can be and how curious some can be.

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My dog hates condoms and says it’s not as good, what should I do?

You should remind your dog that he isn’t a human being, and that those feelings are reserved for people. It’s very likely you’ll need to stop letting him feed from the table, which is a leading cause of dogs thinking they are people, and remind him that he drinks from the toilet, something even drunk people don’t do in the sickeningly early morning hours of siks de mayo. Also remember that your dog doesn’t actually talk, and that if he’s unwilling to imbibe of the puppy love you’re so lovingly affording him, he can go drag his balls across the carpet for all you care.

I’ve run out of human condoms, can I use the Dog Condom™ for myself?

Well, technically, yes you can, but it was engineered specifically for canine use, so we can’t exactly say what use it will have. Surely there must be a gas station or convenience store handy. That would be a better bet, since our condoms are formulated for dog-to-dog use, and you’re a person who is hopefully intending it for use with another human. I mean, if it’s life and death, I’d say use the Dog Condom™, but it’s pretty suspect and odd, and we would like to not actually endorse such behavior. (This is a real, frequently asked question, sadly.)

How to Apply the Dog Condom

Using the following illustrations as a guide, consider these as the best method for the application of your dog’s patent pending Dog Condom™. There are a few different “right ways” to apply it, but many more “wrong ways”, and it’s our goal to help you keep that red rocket firing straight ahead. After all, when it comes to the red rocket, it kind of is rocket science.

Don’t Put Dog Condom™ on Dog Balls. It sounds pretty basic, but if you make this mistake it will ruin the experience for your dog, and may even ruin his testicles. As handy a fastener as the furry chestnuts make for, if you roll the condom all the way down the penis, onto and over the testicles, it may cause serious long term damage to your dog, both physically and emotionally.

Don’t Apply by Mouth. Many dogs resist their owners putting their hands down in the business sector, so you may need to get creative to earn compliance. If Fido resists, consider rolling it down with gentle, tender stroking motions. Don’t use your mouth to apply it. Although that may have served you well in college (regardless of gender), dogs find interspecies contact of this sort demoralizing, and even those that accept it find their regret so great they’re three-times as likely to wander into traffic thereafter.

Non-Petroleum Lubricate As Needed. If your dog doesn’t get his partner going, and needs that extra bit of juice to make the magic happen, consider the use of a non-petroleum-based lubricant. Vaseline, motor oil and fuel injector cleaner are all examples of lubricants that will corrode the condom, reducing its effectiveness, perhaps entirely. Instead use Pam cooking spray, which is natural, safe, and has a buttery deliciousness that most dogs find to be an aphrodisiac.

After so much knowledge I can only do one thing :)))))))

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