Uttar Pradesh has the 7th Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal. Millions of tourists from India and all around the world pays a visit to this monument. Along with that, Fatehpur Sikri fort. One can say, that Major chunk of income state receives is from its tourism sector. What will happen when there will be no Taj Mahal, Agra Fort or Fatehpur Sikri Fort? Looking at the condition of Taj Mahal, one can’t help but think this way. The area surrounding Taj Mahal, is being developed for the easier way to Taj Mahal. But, the Taj Mahal itself is weakening. And, it seems that Government is not doing enough to protect it. It stinks inside! It’s same at Fatehpur Sikri! Stinks! This is not the way you preserve the best monuments of history.


But, one place I will avoid visiting in my life again is Mathura. It is one of the oldest cities in the history. By that logic, in present time, it should have been clean, well maintained and developed. But, alas! It’s simply filthy. You can’t even walk towards holy temples without covering your nose and ignoring the filth from your eyes. The sewage is still open! The streets are damn narrow by the main temple, on both sides of it, there are shops selling sweets, below which, open sewage is flowing. And, the street is filled with holy shit from cows along with main roads of the city. Roads are broken, trash is all around. And, thieves are all around trying to rip you off in the name of Lord Krishna including pundits around the temple. They will try to lure you to do some Puja (prayers) for peace in your life and for the family members who are long gone. There is a Nand Baba house in Gokul, where pundit will explain that they don’t accept any money in the donation box. They will say, that this is the only temple where you can actually sit in front of Lord’s Idol and pray. But, then comes the surprise. During the prayers, the priest will ask you to take a promise of giving a donation to cowshed – which is Rs. 2,000, Rs. 10,000 or Rs Rs. 25,000. There is no lower amount than Rs. 2,000. If you can’t give it then the will ask you to leave saying, don’t come back in next life! A Rip Off.

I had inquired if MP Hema Malini pays a visit to Mathura and does any work. But, all said big No. Main city roads get cleaned up when she is to visit otherwise, it’s filthy. She needs to resign if she can’t serve the purpose of her position. We just couldn’t take it and left without spending more time as planned. This is the story of everywhere mostly in Uttar Pradesh. It has best the monuments of the world and oldest holy shrines. Yet, underdeveloped and filthy. This filth is not going to help preserve the beauty of history and value of holy places. Authorities need to wake up and start working! After visiting the holy shrines and tourist places in Gujarat, I must say that they are very well-developed and maintained. And, Yaumna Express way Toll costs Rs. 420! Road is good no doubt, but again Vadodara – Ahmedabad Express way which is a 4 lane highway of 95KM – Toll costs Rs. 100 – and is way smoother to ride on. Uttar Prades has long way to grow for development and out of corruption it seems.