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Gautam Gambhir Foundation – Community Kitchen

Gautam Gambhir has started a new inning and I am sure it will be appreciated by everyone, whether his fan or not.  His foundation has started a community kitchen to […]

The Mockery of the Democracy

Congress has said that its MLAs fled to Bengaluru fearing for their lives.  But, when they were leaving from the airport, according to that time Congress had said that they […]

Solar Rooftop System with Subsidy in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat has been the energy surplus state. The state doesn’t have frequent issues of interruptions in the electricity supply. Yes, rarely it does get turned off during the monsoon or […]

Demonetisation call is Excellent. Don’t Complain.

Every news channel seems to be concentrating on relating currency demonetisation with long queues outside banks or ATMs or with Black Money Issue alone.  They seem to forget the most important […]

Woman cuts off Husband’s Tongue

A woman allegedly slashed his husband’s tongue with the help of paramour and another man after he reportedly found her in an objectionable position with them at his house in […]

MSG The Warrior “Lion Heart” – Sunny Deol would say Enough!

I hope not to offend any follower of Shri Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji.  This has nothing to do with his spiritual organization.  This is only about his films.  I […]

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