Election Result of Gujarat Sums it Up for BJP and Congress

Finally! Uff! The Result of Gujarat Election is out and BJP has won with a Majority. This was a hard fought by both Congress and BJP. It was also where […]

The Mockery of the Democracy

Congress has said that its MLAs fled to Bengaluru fearing for their lives.  But, when they were leaving from the airport, according to that time Congress had said that they […]

Demonetisation call is Excellent. Don’t Complain.

Every news channel seems to be concentrating on relating currency demonetisation with long queues outside banks or ATMs or with Black Money Issue alone.  They seem to forget the most important […]

Sandeep Kumar’s Sex act was Consensual – Ashutosh, AAP

Aam Aadmi Party is headed by a lunatic and being defended by an idiot it seems.  Arvind Kejriwal earlier had removed Sandeep Kumar, Minister of Woman and Child Welfare Department. […]

Why not just stick with a TV Sidhu Paaji?

Navjot Singh Sidhu as we are aware, he has quit the BJP.  Now, according to his statements or his wife’s statement, he is bargaining with AAP.  Also, According to the reports, AAP […]

It’s Winter and Kejriwal is starting to get sick!

No one can question Arvind Kejriwal.  He, only he can speak of anti-corruption, and only he gets to decide who is corrupt or not, or when due procedures of law […]