Aam Aadmi Party has successfully formed government in Delhi.  It had promised lot and kept it’s promise of providing Free Water and Cheap Electricity.  So, what’s bad in it?  Isn’t it good?  No.  In long term, it will not help.  First of the simple reason is, Delhi voted out Congress.  Delhi (and majority of people of India) is fed up with congress.  Why would you take a support of Congress to form a government after statements by Mr. Kejriwal that they will neither give or take support from Congress or BJP?

Some may say that AAP has made a smart move by taking support of congress assuming that it will be able to control congress because it has majority, but it’s congress which made a smart move by supporting AAP.  Congress is a national level party and by supporting AAP, it has allowed AAP to steal BJP’s thunder.  I have said before, that no party is full of saint.  There is always a bad apple in basket filled with many good apples.  Both BJP and Congress has corrupt members.  AAP is new basket yet to be fully explored.  Time will tell what’s inside their basket.   However, if they all do their job, it doesn’t matter which party they belongs too.

But important thing for country today is strong leadership who can make others fall in line to serve the people.  India is already overflowing with regional parties.  And, if everyone keeps making new party, than who will form the central government?  There will be no party left with clear majority and coalition government is very much a compromised government where many deals are made to form a government.   Those deals are obviously not always going to be good and in best interest of country.  And these regional parties will always keep central government on knife’s edge.

If country needs to progress, it must be united and single party has to get majority to form a government without any background deals or blackmailing.