BJP had won majority because of three reasons.  First, People had enough of UPA (Congress) Government.  Congress led government had most years at the center but had not developed India as it should have.  Second,  Narendra Modi’s Popularity.  Third, BJP talked of development and fought elections on same point.

First Year for BJP government has been fairly good.  Many stalled projects has been approved, roads and infrastructure development has progressed, economy has held up well, India’s credibility has improved.  Many people criticize Narendra Modi for overseas trips, but point of them is, to bring more investment in India, which will benefit Indian people only, while developing good relations with foreign countries for ease of trade and many other benefits.  So far it has been good.

Now comes the part where people can’t help but overlook these positives because of many loud mouth BJP ministers and misdirection where attention is headed.  People selected BJP government with a hope of progress and development.  Government has to give priority to People.  It has to maintain its dignity and respect while working.  You can criticize opposition but do not lower yourself to their level.  And, you can not support communal statements.  And, you can not start politics of beef.  There are better things to do, more important things which needs to be the priority.

We do understand, one man can not make every single person to work with dedication on important subjects.  There are always a few bad apple in the basket.  But, if they are not taken care of than every apple will get rotten.  This is what’s happening.  Media is also guilty of giving air to minor subjects and spreading it around, creating big out of something which could have solved easily, fairly.   However, demanding an answer from prime minister for everything is not fair.  But, when own party members keeps going in misdirection, gives ridiculous statements against community, or defends cow more than people who needs help – Prime Minister needs to shut them up.

Prime Minister must remember on which topics he fought elections and won.  He should than remind it to parties ministers who are indirectly supporting communal attacks.  Make an example in strict way.  He should do it as soon as he hears something, not later when it’s flames have spread and has no choice but to act inside closed doors.  People have great hope in Modi Government, but this small incidents are fueled by opportunists who envy the good work, and media for TRPs, and people with ill interests and own party members who are certainly going in wrong direction.

Even, after losing Delhi, BJP still has not learned that all they need is to talk about development, what it will do different to improve people’s life while providing basic necessities.   To, win election they do not need to show their opposition low, and lower itself to do that.  They do not need to give it a colors of religion and caste.  Doing politics of low-level and misdirection, cost them Delhi, and now in last two months, over beef and caste – BJP has lost its upper hand in Bihar elections and credibility in Nation.  People are always ready with guns to point at government, but why give them the opportunity?  This is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi must act quick, and strict to get its MPs and Ministers back on right track for which people actually care.  Otherwise, BJP will suffer in elections and golden opportunity of development will go on waste.