Dirty Politics, Narendra Modi vs Congress

Everyday, there are headlines in every single News Papers and TV Channels which includes the name of Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister. Most are in negative way and few are in positive way. However, majority of the user comments are positive. What does that tell? Simple. Majority of the people supports him. And that’s why congress feels restless. Congress had made a mess. Corruption has reached beyond limit, and the way they have handled Anna Hazare movement – people have lost faith in government.

If it was election time, while Anna Hazare was fasting, congress would have lost by high margin. And even cost of living has gone up. National Security also has many holes which are still due to be filled. Overall, congress is a mess and making more mess.

Now, It seems that public – majority of it at least to say, have got over 2002 riots in Gujarat. They favor Narendra Modi. He may not be the perfect, but among all the imperfect politicians of all party, he stands tall as a perfect candidate. He has guts to do what needs to be done. And in politics, that’s what matters the most. Because, even after you are selected CM, PM – you still have to face opposition. Opposition won’t let you do good work because they want to win next election. There is no support as a whole from all parties for candidate selected as a Prime Minister. Because, politicians are busy ‘playing’ politics and that doesn’t help people. This is why you need a person with strong character, one that holds authority over all and gets the job done.

So, among the all these imperfect candidate, damaged reputation of congress, only one man stands taller – Narendra Modi. Honestly, I don’t care which party wins the election.

What matters is, a person who is in charge has the ability to do what he is elected to do. It’s no longer about parties. They all are same – They all have bathed in corruption.

Which troubles congress so much, that they do not see anyone but Narendra Modi as their opponent and always after him. And level of politics reached so childish and dirty that, when he is fasting another congress leader – Shankersinh Vaghela started his fast. What the hell is that? First of all, I don’t think anyone needed to go on fast and all. But, still I guess it gathers attention which is required before elections – positive attention to say.

But, If you do this, why can’t i do – this is what Shankersinh Vaghela must have thought. Mission of congress is, terminate Narendra Modi’s popularity. But, they sure have put a wrong candidate in front of him, who himself is failure. Shankersinh Vaghela – Former BJP candidate, who left BJP to form own party when he got a chance to be the CM of Gujarat, which he couldn’t keep up for whole term. Than again joined in Congress! A dirty politics! And, way he has started throwing allegations, following after what Modi does – it shows, that he will do whatever that needs to win and take his spot. After all, that’s what he wants, because of that only he kept changing parties. You want a guy like this in charge? Is he creditable person that people should listen to? Nope, I don’t think so.

It’s now about living a decent life that common person wants to live. It’s about life that he can afford to live without any fear. And while these bloodsucking cockroaches of politics are too busy to just fight among themselves all year-long leaving people’s need onside, people are not left with much of the choices. People must think, and learn to see, what’s best option they are left with even if that option has downside.

  1. Narendra Modi’s ministers are corrupt. They do too good of a marketing to show that Gujarat has everything going better. Still, he himself is better choice than other corrupt politicians to become Prime Minister.

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