It has been just little over 2 month since BJP Government was elected at Central.  However, it was just 2 weeks before criticism kicked off about cost of fuel, vegetables and later Railway Fare.   We expect miracles, we cry over price rise.  We are not wrong to expect good or quick solutions, but house is built brick by brick.  Building a better System and Improving Output takes time before generating profit.  This is no small business or house that we are talking about.  This is governing a country which has the population of over 1.26 Billion People.  30% of which are living in poverty.

Before making a new road, there has to be a clean up of old pot holes.  You have to properly set a foundation, create a working system.  Results do take a time.  Price will rise.  Why?  Because, India has an external debt of $440.6 Billion and it grows every second due to interest.   Our previous Government hasn’t left any money for new Government to invest and spend to lower price rise, set up new or better infrastructure for public.  So, Government has to raise money.  They can’t just print money and start spending.  We can’t keep borrowing.  Price rise is not just in India.  All countries are facing it since economic meltdown in 2009.

BJP only has most in Lok Sabha, so don’t expect easy ride.  There are still old foes who hasn’t done anything for years, and who would still not let much good happen easily.  You need to give new government a chance and time to lay strong foundation of working system and wait for results to come.  Narendra Modi had 4 Terms of Gujarat Chief Minister which allowed him to do what he did there.  It doesn’t happen over night or in months.

Congress Government has ruled from 1952 to 1977, 1980 to 1989, 1991 to 1998, 2004 to 2014.    Over 50 Years and we can see the current state of country.  So, before you start criticizing new Government in 2 Weeks, you should really think about what previous Government did in 50 Years plus of their rule.  Honestly, I feel it will take more than 5 Years to clear even a portion of 50 Years of Backlog, but you need to give new government a time.  When we can let congress government rule 50 years even after criticizing it after every election,  why don’t you guys give new government enough time to at least show signs of improvement?