Finally! Uff! The Result of Gujarat Election is out and BJP has won with a Majority. This was a hard fought by both Congress and BJP. It was also where many bitter words and false facts were represented by both parties. And this time, Rahul Gandhi has to be given credit. I have noticed a change in Rahul Gandhi since past 8-9 months. He was away for a couple of months earlier this year and it seems wherever he had been, he took a coaching. He has improved a lot on his speeches, although he often presented wrong maths during his speeches, he still did well.

w, I never like that the prime minister of the country goes around and gives negative speeches about the opposition parties during the elections. This is not a good trend for the healthy politics when all have to sit in the same room and work together. When the Prime Minister questions the motive of opposition to sit with a Pakistani delegate, he is not wrong. But, when he makes allegations about those motives, it is wrong. To start with, the opposition doesn’t hold any title in the ministry, and they shouldn’t be the one to sit and discuss foreign policy directly with the foreign delegates. The opposition did the same thing during the Doklam standoff by meeting with Chinese delegates. It’s not their job, their job is to question our government in parliament or meet the ministers in change because it’s them who represents India. But, this incident shouldn’t have been linked with Gujarat elections by our present Prime Minister.

Now that the election is over, it is time for BJP to retrospect. Obviously, BJP was on backfoot this time in Gujarat due to GST, Note ban and reservation demands by Harik Patel. Gujarat has developed and is doing good. But, there are still remote places or small villages where work needs to be done. They were affected highly due to note bank as many didn’t have access to ATMs for almost 3 months. They still need to be connected with improved roads and basic amenities. After being a ruling party for 22 years, obviously BJP was expected to do well but they lost 16 seats this time. And everyone was aware that it will be tough for them this time. But after the results, it can be said that OBC leaders who joined Congress and Hardik Patel affected about 6-7 seats overall and rest were due to lack of work done. But the majority of the cities where BJP was expected to lose seats, didn’t. It tells that, educated people still favor BJP by seeing long-term benefits of Modi Government’s policies.

So it can be also said that caste politics has helped congress more than GST or Note Ban. But next time after 5 years, it will be neck and neck fight between Congress and BJP. This is the sign that Gujarat has given a lot of time to BJP but now people want to see the progress with speed. There are still many things left to improve and this might well end up being BJP’s last chance to do so if they fail to do it. Meanwhile, Congress can say that they are happy with the improved winning numbers but they lost Himachal Pradesh, so not much to cheer for them.