Indian Politics – Game that has no age limit

Generally speaking, every activity has its age limit, every product has an expiration date, almost every individual who has a full time job also has a retirement age.  But this one game in our country has no age barrier regardless of how bad individuals do in it while playing it.  It’s dirty old game of “Politics”.  Back in 2004, I had read an article on India Times, which had said that majority of countries population is under 40, but seeing elected ministers, it just hard to believe.  As most of them have gone past age of rebirth.



Above are just 9 of top politicians, there are many plenty more ministers and politicians who are over 60. There are few who are above 60 but still have energy to do things (P Chidambaram is one who doesn’t look 64 – but Sir be decisive), and they are OK as long as they do their job. But rest just needs to retire for sake of country. I am going to be fair, that all in younger days they did what they could and served country in people’s best interest (hopefully). But time has passed and need to pass responsibility to bit younger candidate. Just standing by podium, elder ministers take 5 minutes to complete one sentence, what would they do if elected for 5 years? I know. They will get bypass surgery done and rest through. I am sure they had been young when joined politics and as grew in age, they gained experienced, with which they archived higher posts. But guess even with time they don’t want to let go of power.

Now it makes sense that why country’s progress is so slow. Because it takes politician in 30s to reach at the age of 70s to get top post. And what he couldn’t get done in his younger days or between the age of 30s till 60s (in about 30 years), how can we expect him to get it done at all in 70s?! (in 5 years!!).

  1. I have always thought about this on why these politicians don’t retire at 58. They make laws to retire govt employees, at times they offer VRS too… but these people never! Come on folks.. take rest and give your body a bit of peace and make way for young minds to think of what is needed for emerging India.

  2. Age of 68 should be fixed up as a retirement age for politicians, as they should get a chance to do something in their late years, for which they spent most of their life. After all it’s not easy to reach on top post in 40s, it does take time. But it’s just that they spend almost whole life to get to the top post, and once they do, they just want to sit and relax :D

  3. And what do they do so……..after attaining the peak age these politicians make their mind to relax and enjoy the benefits…….holding such a high post……..of law making… doesn’t this undermines the spirit of a democratic governance!!

  4. Give Rest to our Grand pa and Grand Ma… Give Chance to Youth Citizens and then See results….

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