It’s Winter and Kejriwal is starting to get sick!

No one can question Arvind Kejriwal.  He, only he can speak of anti-corruption, and only he gets to decide who is corrupt or not, or when due procedures of law and order can take place.   This should be the definition of  ‘Honest’ ever since the emergence of Arvind Kejriwal – AAP.

So, To start with this tweet. Sir Kejriwal, your office sits on same floor as the officer being investigated.  CBI has made a clear statement that your office was not sealed, nor it was anything against you.  They came to investigate officer who sits on same floor as you and files around him.  Obviously, all recent and present files will have your signature and name, but it was not about you.   I am sure you love making it about you which you are doing it in positive spirit.

Sir, Only Delhi voted for you!  Your AAP stood in national election of Lokshaba in many states which was mainly about Narendra Modi.  You tried to handle Narendra Modi politically in ‘Varanasi’.  Perhaps, that lost was a bitter shock for you, so that you still think, he couldn’t take on you. Well, frankly, you had no chance against him one on one.   You lost.  He won.  And, may be you can’t take it sportingly, so everyday you want to have a re-match.

Sir Jee!  Modi has better and many more things to do.   I know you are so possessive about him.   You must be thinking that everyday after waking up, Modi only thinks about how to F__k up your day.   Well, seriously?  You are one of the few who kept complaining that Modi doesn’t have time for country, and always is on foreign trips.  How can he find a time for you now?  Plus, you are calling him coward and psychopath?  People elected ‘him’ for the Prime Minister, it was not only because he is from BJP, but there wasn’t, still isn’t, anyone better to take that spot.

Shhh!  First Congress, Sheila Dikshit, This and That, than once it was clear BJP was gaining, it became all about BJP, than Modi.  Everyone by your words requires a certificate of honesty granted by only you.  Now you are questing CBI.  Next you will say, citizens of this country are a lier because they support Modi and not you.  According to your doubts, Modi wants to be the Chief Minister of Delhi I guess and seems that you wanna be the Prime Minister of India.

Are!  What about Jitendra Tomar?  Took a while to convince you!  And, yes!  Its all about ‘I’.  You are the university of certified honesty.  Only, you are the honest person on planet earth.  Even though you missed few corrupt while you gave them tickets, after saying that you had checked everyone’s background.  But, it’s again planted by Modi.  Modi also influenced Somnath Bharti’s wife to file a case against him, and Modi also provoked his Dog.  If tomorrow asteroid hits earth, am sure first thing will come to your mind is – Modi did it.

Are you kidding me?  What will courts do than?  You wanna be the judge everywhere.   This case was for corruption between 2007 to 2014.  Now, you are saying, what did CBI do for all these years, and why now?  May be now CBI can actually do something, perhaps previous government didn’t take interest.  So, now you have problem with that too!  And, COURT GRANTED search warrant!  Now, you will say that court is also doing what Modi tells it!

In Short, Sir, You are sick.  Get some medicine.  And show some respect to Prime Minister.  You and your party spoke persons are degrading yourself to prove you are right by making disrespectful references at PM.  Yes, others do it to, but don’t you suppose to be the better than all?

  1. Ha..ha..hilarious…AK would blame Modi for his cough too!!!!

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