Nothing is well in BJP. We have been hearing lot of it lately, and BJP has always played it down, saying party is United. While people are looking for alternative to the Congress, They are expecting a party with an authoritative leadership.

It’s simple – When our own home is in the darkness, we can’t expect others to put faith in us to lit their house lamps.

Reputation of the party is what gets people interested and way it functions by working all around with total commitment by it’s members, is what encourages people to vote for it. People would be more than happy with alternative to congress. BJP has (or had) it all going for it. BJP has leaders who can take a center stage, however it’s no secret that Narendra Modi stands out of all due to his progress in Gujarat, and he does draw people’s attention. Not everyone will agree to stand behind him, just like JDU which will leave NDA if he is the BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate.

However, we need a leader who is authoritative, whose leadership people follow and a leader who can use his authority to make others fall in straight line to make the system work for the best of the people. Narendra Modi has it. I am sure Majority of the People who are educated and doesn’t fall in trap of vote bank politics will be happy to vote for him. In, short he is BJP’s best bet. While many doesn’t want to see him projected as a Prime Minister candidate, party doesn’t have a choice but to elevate him to a better post due to the results he brings in.

While BJP’s main aim should be to form the next government by uniting against congress through unfolding of it’s failure – It’s going on self-destruction mode. It’s a pity to see L. K. Advani to ruin the reputation of party. He may have just gave congress a higher hand to point fingers at BJP and grab more votes in next election. All that for what? It doesn’t make sense. He may have principles, his own thinking or opinions, but one man’s principle isn’t worth ignoring what country is expecting. He is back in BJP but image of BJP is ruined and congress must be laughing with their mouths wide open at this time.

At age of 85, Mr. Advani should retire gracefully by being a guide of BJP, and understand that you have to change principles according to situation by thinking what’s best for the country of billion plus. Just when BJP showed gusts to put put Narendra Modi in charge ignoring vote bank politicians, L. K> Advani has put his own party on back foot.