Navjot Singh Sidhu as we are aware, he has quit the BJP.  Now, according to his statements or his wife’s statement, he is bargaining with AAP.  Also, According to the reports, AAP is not ready to accept his demands of projecting him as a CM candidate for Punjab.   Surprisingly, Over the years he has hardly attended to his duties as a politician!  He has wasted his seat, plus his wife is also in politics, still holding on to BJP until the pair gets a good deal elsewhere.  Why Navjot Singh Sidhu wants to stay in politics when he is mostly busy with Kapil Sharma, and TV Commentary?  And, don’t mind but he is doing good there, we like him!


It will be better if someone else takes his place in politics and is actually available to do his job.  It will help avoid the embarrassment of ‘lost’ poster!  Politics is not a business, and don’t let your good reputation ruin it.