Note to Congress → Forget the State of Gujarat.

Whole country has its problems.  Every state of India has its own share of problems.  And major problem in common is – Congress.  And congress has only one problem – Narendra Modi, from Gujarat.

Let all say and blame him for what happened after Gujarat Riots.  Let all say that corruption still is happening.  Let all say that he defies his party often.  Let all say he does what he wants, regardless who thinks what. Fact is that at Present day, Gujarat has developed, and is progressing.

I say, I rather vote for an ‘Individual’ than a party he represents.  Because, as a party, BJP has not all saints filled in it.  Every single political party in India is filled with people who lust for power, greed for corruption and disobey or ignore people and their problems.  Others will envy someone if he is becoming famous.  If own party members are jealous by seeing one’s progress, what can you expect from other parties?

Today, many states face electricity, water shortage problems.  Even Delhi, the home of big congress leaders isn’t spared.  Northern states are facing electricity cuts for hours daily, while southern states have electricity shortage of more than half of the days.  However, Gujarat has stable electricity supply and water supply.  Along with fulfilling own state’s need, Gujarat is also supplying energy to neighborhood states!

This was the simple example of what Narendra Modi’s Administration has brought during his time as Chief Minister.  From installing one of the largest solar power plan to bring businesses, every way development is visible in Gujarat.

Yes, there are gray shades.  Poverty, Mismanagement in smaller governance, Corruption.  They still exist, but in compare to other states where ministers only profit, Gujarat has its people earning their share too.  They are getting basic needs, it may not be perfect as they should get from their government.  But they are getting ‘better’ than majority of other state’s people get from their government.

Biggest hurdle for Gujarat Government is riots of 2002 and what happened after that.  I think it’s a time, people get over it.  We have to learn to move forward.  Majority of people in Gujarat, Hindu or Muslim, all have moved on.   Just some small groups and opposition party keeps this issue in news so that they can benefit from it.

Again, no one is saint.  But when 2G Scam, Olympics Scam, Land Scam creators like Raja, Kalamdi, Yeddyurppa can still make government crawl and live happy ruling their state’s government, what are the good options we have left?

Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSY, BJP, Trinamool Congress – all of their leaders are either corrupt, or can’t do anything practical but talk.  So, don’t care about party.  Pick a person who can have his way.  Narendra Modi is not perfect, but is better for people in compare to other loud mouth idiots who don’t do anything but feed their own families with public money.

It’s funny how Bollywood style posters are being posted around in Gujarat insulting Narendra Modi.  It’s childish and desperation from Congress.  But all I can say is, People as a most are OK with Narendra Modi, and when compare the condition of other states, they are ‘happy’ with him.  So, this is one state, where congress should just give up.

  1. The title itself is well chosen! Congress can safely forget Gujarat (Mr.Modi is enough to take care of it). At least that much burden is off their shoulders.

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