Amul’s’ favorite unintended adoption spoke of Prime Minister playing drums in Japan today.  Rahul Gandhi was upset that PM Narendra Modi was in Japan while his constituency of Amethi is facing power shortage.  He also said that Government had made many poll promises and it has completed 100 days, but promises are not fulfilled.  He also asked if government is aware of how costly vegetable has become.  I am not sure, if that was a question for the government, or he just wanted an answer for himself, so that he know how much money to ask mommy dear before going to market for vegetable shopping.  Another, poll promise he had mentioned was getting rid of corruption.

Rahul Gandhi

I don’t know if Mr. Gandhi was sleeping for last 10 years, because all that Mr. Modi had promised to take care of, is clogged up due to congress party’s inability to control price rise, corruption and set up infrastructure.  Congress in total had 56 years of pleasure to run government.  All the allegations and points congress or its party leaders are making which needs to be done, sure it needs to be done, sure the plans may be yours which needed to be implemented.  But, what did you do for 56 years?  Last 10 years?  If you were so able, and had done your job, you wouldn’t have to complain today.  Mr. Gandhi’s Amethi constituency isn’t made overnight and it was there for last 10 years too.  It was Mr. Gandhi’s Government, and it’s than ally, Samajwadi Party is still the state government.  What did he do than?  He Slept.

Your Great Grand Father installed light pole, your grand mother installed wiring, your father & later mother put bulbs.  They had probably thought that you will put electricity one day, when you become Prime Minister.  But, they didn’t think that you will become a brand ambassador of Amul instead of Prime Minister.  Anyways, over three generation of your family, but still shortage of light, high corruption, and weak infrastructure.  How can you expect Mr. Modi to solve in 100 days?  It will take a miracle to clear India of 56 years of pile of shit in 5 years, that your government which you inherited and conceded to Mr. Modi.  However, 100 days have shown the signs, that miracle is possible and let us judge it once Mr. Modi’s term nears its end.  Even if, he succeeds to do 20% of whatever positive work your government did in 56 years (if any) in 5 years, than he certainly deserves another 5 years.  Until than, you rather sell Amul products.

And as for the power shortage, I guess he didn’t read the news, where plan of 24 hour power supply is ready for implementation in Delhi, Rajasthan & Andra Pradesh.  Uttar Pradesh Government has not responded to Central Government’s request to discuss same implementation.  Step by step other states will also receive improved power supply as better infrastructure is installed.  Also, while Mr. Modi was beating drums, he also signed deals worth 34 Billions dollars of investment in India and many other important deals including defense technology.