When People voted for Lok Shaba Elections, they voted for Narendra Modi.  People who didn’t relate to BJP in many issues also voted for BJP.  It was mostly due to the image of Narendra Modi as a leader that India needs.  However, By-Poll elections where BJP had expected to grab more seats, got a disappointing result.   It was largely due to arrogance of certain MPs and going on wrong track about the issues.

We live in a country full of people coming from different background, culture and religion.  Only way to move forward with peace and prosperity is together.  No matter how much you agree or disagree with each other, fact is you must learn to live together by finding a common peaceful ground.  Yes, law must be same for all and all must be treated equally.  Before the election of lok shabha, opposition parties were making a point that if BJP is elected at central, than polarization of religion will start.  That time, BJP’s agenda was development.  It was Mr. Modi’s India first.   Based on that people voted for him.  Now, in U.P. BJP’s mantra was ‘Love Jihad’.  WTF is that?  You send Yogi Adityanath to ask for votes, who obviously spoke of Hindu Vs Muslim.   How can you expect to Win?  And why would you want to win like that?  He looks more like a goon than a yogi, and his speeches prove it.

Yes, it is also to be noticed that many of BJP MPs are openly starting to put Hindutva before India First.   People doesn’t care!  We don’t care about learning Hindi or debating Hindu or Muslim etc.   Common People simply wants to progress and live peaceful happy life.  People expects improvement in law and order, economy, basic needs.   That and Only that should be the priority of government.   Only that should be the point to discuss for elections and acted upon on.  Yes, there are bad apples in both basket.  Hindu or Muslim .  Yes, there are cases of Hindu girls who married Muslim who pretended to be a Hindu.  Law and Order must act upon those and many other crimes happening in country.  It shouldn’t be a issue of election to further divide communities.

It is also disappointing that after winning elections on pro-developement issues, Narendra Modi so far has been silent.  Yes, he tried to restrain his ministers from giving interviews or speeches which media can turn on them due to speech error or different point of view.  He can’t control everyone always.  But he should at least see that his Ministers or MPs does not harm his India first, People first motto.  If U.P election was fought based on issues of corruption, law and order than result might had been better for the BJP.

BJP has missed a golden chance to improve their party’s share of seats by going on wrong track.  Hope, they will fix it soon, otherwise it will do more harm than a good.