Prime Minister Campaigns in State Election?!

How often do you hear that country’s Prime Minister campaigns for party he belongs in state elections? Well, Our Dr. Manmohan Singh has popped the cherry. Talk about divide and rule. Being a Prime Minister of whole country, Mr. Singh should work for better of country by uniting all political parties and lead everyone unbiased.

However, by doing campaign for congress in Gujarat and giving statement against state government for clear political agenda of winning election for his party in state, he has obviously shown that he is the Prime Minister of Congress. While Addressing his political rally in Vansada, Dr Singh said that,

“We don’t indulge in politics of dividing the society like the opposition parties. Such politics cannot benefit any political party for a longer period. Time has come that you people should rid Gujarat of such politics and don’t let such people come to power who try to get votes by dividing our society and country. Development in Gujarat is only for a few people. A big part of the population here has remained untouched by this economic development. Because of the policies of the state government, there is an imbalance in the society”.

Personally, Prime Minister has right to criticize state government, but not for the purpose of state election campaign for the party he belongs to. That’s not what Prime Minister should do. It’s unethical. How can he run the unbiased government by uniting all parties, while he is campaigning and speaking against state governments of opposition party for own party’s benefit?

While, criticizing state government, Dr. Singh should rather concentrate on what his government has done for development of India. Living Cost has raised, Poor People are finding harder to survive. Only thing that has developed at the speed of light since independence under his government is Corruption and Invisibility of Law and Order. And talk of dividing society, UPA government has done a good job in that too by dividing everything based on caste and income by playing vote bank politics. In short, it’s simply sad. And as long as the Gujarat State Elections are concerned, BJP is all set to score a hat-trick.

  1. Where is the author?? What’s ur opinion about a tea-vendor??

  2. India Mainly

    March 4, 2017 at 11:04 am

    100% Agree. Modi too shouldn’t be doing it.

  3. “Modi too shouldn’t be doing this” in just a comment reply. No article this time?

  4. India Mainly

    October 16, 2017 at 3:53 am

    @Shahnawaz I will write one just to make you happy :)

  5. Bhakt Logic. While Chaiwala does more campaigns than sitting tight in his office and taking care of the country’s affairs at large.

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