Reservation for Patels? there is more to it.

In last few weeks, there has been a growth in rallies demanding reservation for patidar – patels.  And, subject has become a hot issue in state of Gujarat.  To start with Patels are not what you can say a weak or backward class by any means.  They are well ahead in filed of their choice whether it’s a business, job, farming.  Even if you go to USA, you can ask native citizen about Patel, he can tell that there is someone he came across by this name.  Up to 60% of hotel business in USA is owned and run by Patel community.  So, does back home in Gujarat, they are well set.  So, the question is, why are they demanding reservation?

Don’t be fooled by this rallies.  There is a bigger picture to this.  Gujarat is fairly well cultured and state with liberal thinking.  People sees what’s right and wrong.  If you have followed rallies, than you know what’s being explained.  Those who lead rallies do say clearly that we are not backward.  But not every Patel is rich or able to give family’s need.  There is a demand, that give them a reservation.  However, indirectly what they are demanding is, remove the caste based politics and reservation system for vote bank.

You can’t say straight that why is he getting reservation, because that will create tension between communities.  Reasons they are discussing is, that many students and candidates can’t get admission or jobs even after they have better qualification.   But, someone with less qualification gets in due to reservation.  All this needs to change.  Government of Gujarat is under stress, because they must get the backing of Patel community to continue keeping BJP ahead.  They are offering extra options, but they will not solve this problem.

Demand of this rallies are – Set Up a Merit based System, Poverty line based grant or scholarship system, and remove the caste based vote bank politics.  But way of saying is, either give us (all an equal opportunity) or give none.

Smart way of saying and good way of moving forward, right?

  1. If U can’t stop reservation, then it must be on economic Base but not exceeding 15%. No relaxation in merits, may be in fee & scholarship, free books etc.

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