Congress has said that its MLAs fled to Bengaluru fearing for their lives.  But, when they were leaving from the airport, according to that time Congress had said that they are just going to get together, spend some time together and for relaxation.  This was the statement of many of the MLAs from the airport.  Now, that statement has changed as their act is criticized for leaving their flood hit constituencies where people are in desperate need of help.

But, this drama started after Sankarsinh Vaghela was dropped (as he said) or resigned from the Congress.  His loyalists also quit the party and joined the BJP.  Obviously, that started to accusations of the BJP offering crores to the Congress MLAs to quit the party.  But the main catalyst is Sankharsinh Vaghela.   And as 6 of the Congress MLAs joined BJP, the Congress started getting desperate to control the damage and solely concentrated on saving the seat of Ahmed Patel for Rajyasabha.  They moved all MLAs to the Bengaluru.

When lakhs of people are suffering from the flood, who have lost their homes, lands, living – the Congress is giving a good party to their MLAs.  What this incident has revealed is, there is no moral in politics.  It’s always about self.  Pity.

However, the Congress has caused itself more damage than its accusations at BJP of buying its MLAs by keeping them away from flood hit Gujarat.