Everyone seems to be busy these days returning their awards to show their displeasure towards raising intolerance.  However, Is intolerance really raising that bad?  Do we see communal tensions growing everywhere?  Obviously NOT!   India has always been tolerant.  India has history of people living peacefully who come from different background and follow their religion.  World today is hard to live in, but seeing so many communities living in India, India is one of the most peaceful place STILL.

Of course, Incident such as Dadri lynching should be condemned, guilty should be punished.  It is obviously unfortunate.  But does that mean, almost 80% of population of India who follows Hinduism is intolerant?  If it was true than name of India could have been changed to ‘Hindustan’ long back with only Hindus living in India.  So, who are these people returning awards, and who are these media personals to question the intolerance?

Yes, there are few bad apples in the basket. Who can’t get along well to live peacefully or who can’t digest the fact that people can live peacefully under leadership of present government.   These people belong to the both side,  loud mouths giving stupid statements to spoil own government’s image and allow opposition to grab an opportunity to plot their own interests.  And, opposition who keeps fueling onto unfortunate incidents with help from their media friends, and create a national issue which will harm India’s image, economy and peace.

Best that government can do is, take strict action against guilty and strict action against own party members for giving ridiculous statements which provides opportunity to strengthen communal tag on government by opposition and media too for TRPs.