Aam Aadmi Party gave people an option to select something new. It gave hope to the people who were fed up from corruption. However, let’s get real, running a government is no easy task. It’s not easy enough that someone who is working in different field, can start running the state overnight. It has been a month since Aam Aadmi Party has governed Delhi.

First of all, Congress is the oldest group of players in Politics. They made a smart move to put a halt in BJP wave by supporting AAP to form a government. Congress is all but hopeless in near elections, and congress knows it. They had to buy them self sometime to overcome the short memory of people. For this, they had to divert attention away from BJP who until AAP formed government, was riding high towards Delhi. So, by supporting AAP, congress has made a smart political move.

As for AAP, within week Mr. Kejriwal had ordered subsidies on Water and Electricity Bill. People who are not aware of subsidies, would think it as prices brought down. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yup. However, it’s a temporary solution. It just means, you will get a discounted rate until March, and after that someone will have to pay the due amount of discounts given by AAP Government to the water/power suppliers. Obviously, it will come from Tax Payers Money! Better solution should have approached Water/Power companies and bargaining with them to bring down cost. However, it’s in works so far.

Another thing is Crime in Delhi. During Congress rule, AAP Members were marching and doing their Dharna, doing ‘hay hay to Sheila Dixit’ because of raising crime against woman. Shiela Dixit had said that She is helpless as Delhi Law and Order Department – Police is not under her authority, it’s under central government. But, no one was ready to understand it. Do I think, Sheila Dixit was right to say that she is helpless and wash her hands off? No! She should have done all she could and kept pushing to make things right. Under present government of AAP, rapes and crimes are continuing as any other day. And, Now it’s Mr. Kejriwal’s turn to wash his hands off with same excuse. Why don’t we feel angry at that now? Because he did his ‘Dharna’ Again? That didn’t help for anything in reality! It was just waste of time, and putting normal commuters in hassle.

I can not vote for Aam Aadmi Party. I do admire that they stood up against the corruption and many other things which made sense. However, as a party who has formed government, I can’t feel confident in them. Their inexperience is visible. It will take them a while before they learn to be good at their new job. However, they have no experience and considering only that point, they can shout from roof top that, they are not corrupt. While they have not yet learned to govern, they sure are heading in direction to get better at politics. However, their inexperienced, self-certified politics may be good after 5-10 years, It will not solve any problem in present, and instead it will make them worse. Politics is dirty, and not everyone who is part of it, is honest. But, we need someone who has experience and better vision of running government. Government is not only about proving you are honest, not corrupt and doing ‘dharna’. It is about all factors – Education, Economics, Foreign Policies, Law and Order, People etc. It’s about being able to govern everything. For this, You need someone who is experienced, even if that person comes from the basket which has few bad apples.

I would encourage people to give BJP a try, and when I say try, give them a majority. Problem of Indian politics is, it has too many regional parties. Too many parties, require too much bargaining to form a government, and government which is formed on the support of other parties, is like keeping a coma patient on oxygen. It becomes weak as there are too many people who will need to be pleased for central government to survive. This process of pleasing smaller and regional parties for their support requires becoming deaf and blind at their corruption or whatever they do to harm national interest and people who vote for them.

Oh yes! ‘People who vote for them’. Grow up, think smart, and choose your future well. We have 60 plus years of example to make a right decision. Do not waste your vote by getting caught in just what’s seems like a cool trend now. Think from head and pick a good experienced option by giving most votes. BJP is choice, yours?