helpchickenIt seems suddenly everyone is after saving the cow!  Ofcourse, cow is sacred animal for Hindu.  And Cow has been roaming around the streets, eating from trash and often getting knocked of by trucks on highways.  But no one cared than. Why suddenly today is everyone after beef ban?  PETA must be feeling bad thinking, why only cow?  It’s even sadder that a person was killed because someone blamed and spread rumors of him eating beef.  It’s sad that people are being targeted by mob who ate or rumored to have ate beef and trashed by mob.  Is beef the only topic left in India’s politics today?  It’s not Modi’s fault, but its the fault of Media, who kept dragging this topic so much and marketed so much that rumors started to spread and people actually got more angry.   And than comes usual, why Modi is silent question.

Yes, Person died is not good,  Yes killing animal is also not good.  But, did anyone ever cared for the Chicken?  (Yes, PETA You did, but here we are talking about if anyone from Indian politics or leader for Religion or Community).  Grow up people, we can kill a human or start rioting for this subject.  It has to be solved peacefully while respecting everyone’s freedom of choice.  And for the present government, there are better things to do, so get your act together!