Gautam Gambhir Foundation – Community Kitchen

Gautam Gambhir has started a new inning and I am sure it will be appreciated by everyone, whether his fan or not.  His foundation has started a community kitchen to […]

Miss Sachin, Rahul, Laxman Now?

I had said before and I will never change the view, that only the best and consistent performers have a right to play Cricket in National Team.  Do not judge […]

Blame the money hungry BCCI for killing Cricket!

Dessert is good when it’s not part of a daily routine. Such things are special when given in limit. When they are given beyond the limit, it doesn’t keep up […]

For Indian Cricket Team, It’s Embarrassing Now

How did India became Test Champions? Well, mostly they did because they had played better at home and average away. After that, Indians became World Cup Champions – again at […]

User Comment on Sourav Ganguly’s IPL Return

Sourav Ganguly made one more comeback in his cricket career and this time to IPL. While It will not help Pune Warriors much as they are out of semi race […]

Review of IPL 2011 So Far

Indian Premier League is something that has it’s positives – mainly for players and it’s owners.  However, it does entertain to viewers, and when I said players – it creates […]